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Speech data resources of the Acoustics Research institute

This page contains speech data resources and demos available from the Acoustic Phonetics group of the Acoustics Research Institute (ARI) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) under open source or open research licenses.

GIDS – Goisern and Innervillgraten Audiovisual Dialect Speech Corpus

The GIDS Goisern and Innervillgraten Dialect Seech Corpus is a collection of audiovisual speech recordings for research purposes. It consists of a total of 7068 sentences spoken by eights speakers from two Austrian towns, Bad Goisern and Innervillgraten.

MMASCS – Multi-Modal Annotated Synchronous Corpus of Speech

The MMASCS multi-modal annotated synchronous corpus of audio, video, facial motion and tongue motion data of normal, fast and slow speech is a collection of speech recordings for research purposes. It consists of a total of 770 sentences spoken by a male Austrian German speaker, recorded at slow, normal and fast speaking rates.

Viennese dialect voices

The Viennese dialect voices corpus contains lexical resources and at corpus packages for the development of Viennese dialect voices.

Synthetic voices in Austrian German and Austrian dialects

With this demopage our synthesizers can be used online to synthesize any given text.

Contact: Michael Pucher (michael dot pucher at oeaw dot ac dot at)