Demonstration INTERSPEECH2015

"Evaluation of state mapping based foreign accent conversion"

Samples for recorded speech, adapted synthetic speech, KLD-based accent-removed speech and constrained KLD-based accent-removed speech.

SpeakerUtterancerecordingadaptedKLD unconstrainedKLD constrainedComment
2 (Greek, male) "Wer möchte keinen Kuchen." Notable change of "K" in "keinen" and "Kuchen". Constrained KLD performs much better.
1 (Serbian, male) "Wer möchte keinen Kuchen." Prosodic changes.
4 (Spanish, male) "Sieglinde zeichnet eine Figure." Notable change of "z" in "zeichnet".
"Siegline" was miss-spelled in recording. Correct phone sequence corrects this for adapted but still incorrect. Correctly spelled in KLD samples.
9 (English, female) "Es ist acht Uhr morgens." Female speaker identity degraded due to male average voice model.
Change of "i" in "ist".